Duo shows

Interaction and variety are what makes a duo show special. Jonas Hummel and Matthias Panzel have worked together for years now and any audience will enjoy the high level of playfulness and skill that they have reached together. Combine a magical floating ball, high level ball juggling, beautiful body control and theatrical elements and you might get close to imagining one of their shows.
It’s not a classic juggling show, it’s different, special in the most positive sense.
Duo Shows by Jonas Hummel and Matthias Panzel can be tailored to different types of venues, themes and occasions. Acts that have been proven in the past are:
“indoor act”: This classic stage act creates a magical world of beautiful movement and skill. Originally created for gala shows, it can also be adapted to smaller venues to add a highlight and special touch to your event.
“outdoor act”:   Joy and entertainment are the first thoughts that come to mind for this act. Designed to be performed outdoors or indoors this show can be performed anywhere were you would like to entertain an audience of all ages. It is light hearted, charming, entertaining and playful.